Pöttinger Real Estate Group Munich

Service portfolio and great expertise

Three lines of business – Pöttinger Construction, Pöttinger Project Development and Pöttinger Real Estate Management – form the three strong pillars of the Munich-based company with a long tradition. We have been working successfully in all fields of real estate for over 85 years. The specialist knowledge that we have acquired over the years and our great expertise are reflected throughout the company and run like a common theme through our extensive portfolio of services.

Portfolio of the Real Estate Group

Scope of services Project Development

Project Development

The portfolio of services provided by Pöttinger Real Estate Development includes: residential, commercial and mixed use projects for both owner-occupants and investors. Special developments contain hotel, boarding- and student-housing. Another focus is providing consulting services for all matters relating to real estate – from real estate development, finance, construction and management.

Scope of Services Construction Company

Construction Company

Our focus lies on shell construction and turnkey completion of buildings and facilities. At customer request, we will also provide the necessary planning services. For these services, we offer various contractual models such as all-inclusive and billing agreements and partnership models (GMP).


Scope of Services Real Estate Management

Real Estate Management

Planning and building a house is one thing, but renting it out, exploiting and maintaining it is something else. Thus the Pöttinger Haus- und Grundstücksverwaltung, as a service company, takes care of all tasks associated with the maintenance and management of your property.

Service portfolio Public Private Partnership


We engage in collaborations as a full-service partner to help ease pressure on the tight federal, state and municipal budgets. Due to our long-term experience in real estate, we are generally able to realize projects faster and at lower cost as compared to traditional public procurement. And besides, we place utmost importance to quality.