Pöttinger Real Estate Group Munich

Pöttinger Immobilien – Munich-based company of long tradition in constructing industrial, commercial and residential buildings

"Knowing everything, understanding everything, challenging everything – because at the end of the day, we have to assume responsibility for each and every decision.” Utmost care is a key requirement for the long-term success of any company.

Owing to many decades of experience as a construction company, housing company and a property management company, we have gathered experience and expertise in all areas of the real estate sector. All our activities in the three branches of the Real Estate Group are determined by our extensive knowhow. A firm commitment to quality and close customer relations are a key requirement for us. Our company is successfully run by a well-coordinated team of skilled and experienced professionals. This is reflected by the constantly rising number of our nationwide real estate projects and the growing number of residential properties we have provided as well as by the value-enhancing measures implemented by our management experts for the Pöttinger real estate holdings.

Another foundation of our entrepreneurial decisions is the demographic development and its effects on the real estate market. Thus we focus our business activities on prime locations in urban growth markets such as Berlin or Munich. The Pöttinger Real Estate Group is active all over Germany. Let us be your efficient partner for the construction of industrial, commercial and residential buildings as well as for the successful maintenance and development of existing buildings.

Intelligent planning, sustainable real estate concepts, premier construction quality and a dynamic development of existing buildings – the results of competent and prudent business management, now in its third generation.

Pöttinger Project Development

Pöttinger Project Development

Focused on Munich and its surroundings for many decades and intimately familiar with the development of the city, we catch attractive locations and trends in residential and industrial construction faster than many others. Careful and deliberate acquisition of land as well as customized concepts combined with smart planning and premium implementation – this is the basis of our many years of success in modern structural engineering.

When constructing condominiums, detached houses, semi-detached houses, terraced houses and commercial buildings, we always apply maximum quality standards. All our professional decisions are based on and measured by customer satisfaction.

Our positive track record is due to innovative solutions, experience and competence in the construction of residential and commercial buildings.

Our real estate customers profit from all this. Whether single, couple or family – with us every potential buyer will find his/her individual, customized property.

Pöttinger Construction Company

Pöttinger Construction Company

Owing to a company history of 85 years, the Munich-based Pöttinger Bauunternehmung is an efficient, reputable and experienced partner for all constructional activities. We handle all phases of a construction project with a secure feel for necessary decisions, we always keep an eye on the overall budget, and ensure a meticulous implementation and timely completion.

We have specialized on all branches of modern civil and constructional engineering – the portfolio of the Pöttinger Bauunternehmung in Munich includes administrative buildings, schools, hotels and department stores, industrial and commercial buildings as well as residential complexes. Moreover, we develop residential, commercial and industrial buildings and build them as a general contractor. Since the foundation of the S. Pöttinger Bauunternehmung, we have completed more than 500 industrial, commercial and residential objects.

Choose an experienced partner for a secure and reliable implementation of the project of your choice. The S. Pöttinger Bauunternehmung provides comprehensive assistance.

Pöttinger Real Estate Management

Pöttinger Real Estate Management

Planning and building a house is one thing, but renting it out, exploiting and maintaining it is something else. Thus the Pöttinger Haus- und Grundstücksverwaltung, as a service company, takes care of all tasks associated with the maintenance and management of your property.

We place ads in the relevant media, arrange appointments to view the apartment, perform solvency checks and select suitable tenants. You will receive a summary of the rental income, records on inspections conducted in the apartments and/or industrial premises and the correspondence with the tenant, property developer or the authorities.

We organize necessary repairs, supervise the work carried out by contractors, check contractors’ bills, take care of the correspondence with the tenant, contractors, proprietors, and take charge of guarantees provided by the building promoter. And our property management services are not limited to Munich only – all our services are available in other German cities, too.