Pöttinger Immobiliengrupppe München
Pöttinger Immobiliengrupppe München
Pöttinger Immobiliengrupppe München

We’re looking for properties and building lots for residential development projects in Munich, Berlin, Hamburg and Cologne

A family-owned company with 75 years of experience in the construction industry, we are a competent partner for property owners, municipalities and public authorities. We take a comprehensive approach to real estate development projects: acquisition of land, attainment of building rights, project planning of the future residential complex and turnkey construction of the estate. In doing so, we always strive to provide our clients with sustainable housing on interesting properties which retain their value over time. Throughout the whole project, we put emphasis on a cooperative partnership based on reliability, discretion and quality among all parties involved.

We construct multi-story residential buildings with condominiums as well as terraced houses and duplex houses. Properties meeting the following requirements are considered suitable:

  • City of Munich or greater Munich area
  • City of Berlin or greater Berlin area
  • City of Hamburg or greater Hamburg area
  • City of Cologne or greater Cologne area
  • suitable for residential buildings with a floor space of 1,200 m² min.
  • In the case of terraced or semi-detached houses, 10 units min.
  • Allocation of existing buildings

For our investor program, we are looking for properties suitable for the construction of 100 – 200 residential units.

Contact us, if you wish to sell an appropriate property!
Mr. Weigand is looking forward to answer your phone call.

For realtors: Please note that offers will only be considered if you can prove to be duly authorized by the proprietor to sell the property.

Franz Josef Weigand – your contact for all aspects of project development

Having completed his studies in civil engineering at the Technical University of Munich (TU München), Franz Josef Weigand gained his first professional experience in turnkey residential and commercial construction at the Wayss & Freytag Group. After working several years in the Group, he joined Pöttinger, a medium-size family business, as a project manager. He was in charge of several major projects such as the MK6 at Hackerbrücke in Munich and involved in various property development activities of the Pöttinger Wohn- und Industriebau.

In 2009 he became managing director of the Kreiswohn- und Stadtbau Mühldorf am Inn (a cooperative housing association). In this management position he had to reconcile formal processes and structures of public administration with political concerns and the economic interests of a commercial company.

In 2010/2011 he pursued further studies in Real Estate Economics.

In 2012 the Pöttinger Real Estate Group could win him back. Here he systematically utilizes his experience as a project developer and uses his business contacts for the purchase of properties.

Since 2016 Franz Josef Weigand holds the position of authorized signatory (Prokurist) at the Pöttinger Wohn- und Industriebau GmbH.