Pöttinger Immobilien Munich Public Private Partnership
Pöttinger Immobilien Munich Public Private Partnership
Pöttinger Immobilien Munich Public Private Partnership
Pöttinger Immobilien Munich Public Private Partnership
Pöttinger Immobilien Munich Public Private Partnership
Pöttinger Immobilien Munich Public Private Partnership
Pöttinger Immobilien Munich Public Private Partnership


We engage in collaborations as a full-service partner to help ease pressure on the tight federal, state and municipal budgets. We ensure efficient completion and assume funding for the projects. Thus other public-sector building projects can be completed more quickly. Due to our long-term experience in real estate, we are generally able to realize projects faster and at lower cost as compared to traditional public procurement.  And besides, we place utmost importance to quality.

We consider cost savings – both during the construction and the operational phase – to be an essential part of any cooperative partnership. Moreover, owing to our comprehensive portfolio and our long-term obligation to operate the building, we can rule out potential loss of value due to poor maintenance.

By way of example, we would like to present “GALILEO” - our latest building project. Located in the heart of the Research Campus of the Technical University of Munich, the project titled “Neue Mitte Garching GALILEO“ is currently under construction.

Neue Mitte Garching Galileo

In 2004, Prof. Dr. Herrmann, president of the Technical University of Munich, initiated the project “Neue Mitte Garching“. Its far-sighted planning allowed for the double intake of school-leavers in 2011. For the Galileo building project, the Free State of Bavaria started its first PPP project as part of “Research, Teaching and Development” in Bavaria. The three companies MoTo Projektmanagement GmbH, Lindner AG and the Pöttinger Real Estate Group joined forces to participate in the bidding procedure of the investor competition and in 2008 they won the contract for the Galileo building project.

Although the project had run into difficulty, not least on account of the financial crisis, it has never been buried. In 2011, the underlying leasehold contract with the Free State of Bavaria was signed. This was the start signal for launching the 120 million Euro project. In spring 2016, structural work started for the congress center with 17 meeting and seminar rooms along with a main lecture hall accommodating 1300 seats, a 225 rooms hotel, a boarding house, various offices, restaurants, shops and service operations. The facilities have direct access to public transport (Munich subway system).

The idea behind Galileo: to convert the Research Center into a vital city by combining study, work, science and research on the one hand with culture, sports, and leisure on the other hand.

Neue Mitte Garching - Galileo - Campus Garching

Research Site of Garching – Neue Mitte Garching

Garching Research Center – Neue Mitte Garching

With more than 6,000 employees and more than 12,000 students, the Garching Research Center located in the North of Munich is one of the major science, research and teaching centers in Germany. Here you find a unique concentration of scientific and technical research facilities.

But even the brightest minds need some time off once in a while. So just take a leisurely walk across GALILEO and check out the diverse projected gastronomic establishments und enjoy the culinary delights.

Neutron Research Facility – Neue Mitte Garching

Neutron Research Facility – Neue Mitte Garching

Boasting a power of 20 MW, the Heinz Maier-Leibnitz Neutron Research Facility is Germany’s most powerful research reactor at the moment. The Technical University of Munich operates the reactor as its core scientific facility which has not been assigned to a certain academic faculty. The neutrons generated are mainly used for basic research in physics, chemistry, biology and materials science. Apart from that, the neutrons are also used in medical and commercial applications.

Communication is an indispensable requirement for every major scientific breakthrough. Now researchers and scientists from all over the world have enough space for the exchange of their latest scientific discoveries and room for new ideas. GALILEO provides ample and generously dimensioned conference and seminar facilities for every occasion.

Research – Neue Mitte Garching

Research – Neue Mitte Garching

Since 1957, the so-called “Atomei“ (Atomic Egg) has been the center of the Research Campus. In 2004 the Egg was shut down and replaced by the Heinz Maier-Leibnitz Neutron Research Facility. Over the years, four institutes of the Max-Planck-Gesellschaft, a leading basic research institution; five faculties of the Technical University of Munich (TUM); as well as institutes of the Ludwigs-Maximilians-Universität and the Bavarian Academy of Sciences took up residence in the vicinity.  In Garching, 14 European states and Brazil cooperate in line with the European Southern Observatory to study the cosmos. General Electric, a multinational corporation, maintains research centers on every continent in the world – its European facilities are, of course, located in Garching.

Getting new insights into the nature of the cosmos requires persistence and patience. After a long day at the observatory or following a conference or meeting, visitors from all over the world can stay at the “GALILEO-Hotel“ and relax in a pleasant atmosphere. The attached fitness area provides ample opportunity for workout.

Teaching – Neue Mitte Garching

Teaching – Neue Mitte Garching

At the Garching Research Campus you find the faculties of chemistry, informatics, mechanical engineering, mathematics and physics of the Munich Technical University (TUM). As far as the number of professorial positions and the number of students are concerned, the Campus is the TUM’s major location. Moreover, the Campus accommodates several professorships in physics of the Munich Ludwigs-Maximilians-University and the training center of the Bavarian metal industry. Even global corporations such as General Electric offer training and qualification facilities for employees, students and outsiders. And the future addition of the faculties of electrical engineering and information technology will contribute to the continuing growth of the Campus.

Students and trainees, too, must draw strength to quench their thirst for knowledge. GALILEO provides overnight accommodations that meet every budget. Boarding house or hotel – at “Neue Mitte Garching“ you are always close to where the action is and can reach your professional premises comfortably by foot. And the subway ensures convenient connections to the nearby City of Munich.

You work for a public authority that deals with infrastructural improvement or addresses shortage of housing? Discover our outstanding expertise!

Our range of services

  • Project development
  • Financing
  • Planning
  • Execution
  • Operation

Your benefits as a public partner

  • Control of cost development due to full involvement in the planning proces
  • Cost transparency by participating in all tender processes
  • Seamless project execution due to long-standing experience
  • Easy transfer from the execution to the operation phase by hand-in-hand-processing
  • Optimization of operating cost – let’s move you and us ahead by utilizing optimization potentials

If you are interested in a collaborative relationship, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us – your competent partner for all issues related to building construction.

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Rely on the Pöttinger Real Estate Group: the Munich-based traditional company offers all services from one single source – from funding via thorough planning to the turnkey construction of the building as well as administration and/or active management of your property.