Pöttinger Immobiliengrupppe München


Our focus lies on shell construction and turnkey completion of buildings and facilities. At customer request, we will also provide the necessary planning services. For these services, we offer various contractual models such as all-inclusive and billing agreements and partnership models (GMP).

Portfolio of the Pöttinger Bauunternehmung

Portfolio of the Pöttinger Bauunternehmung

Range of products

  • Construction of residential buildings
  • Office and administration buildings
  • Manufacturing facilities
  • Hotel and boarding-house
Scope of Services Pöttinger Bauunternehmung

Scope of Services

  • Shell and turnkey construction
  • General contractor
  • Calculations and cost estimates
  • Construction cost optimization

The TÜV CERT certificate is proof of our capabilities and our high quality demands. It certifies the introduction and application of a quality assurance system at the S. Pöttinger GmbH & Co. KG referring to the construction of housing property, residential complexes, industrial and commercial buildings, the completion of structural work and turnkey construction services on its own account and on account of a third party according to DIN ISO 9001:2015. The TÜV conducts regular audits to make sure that the relevant standards have been complied with.

Construction Company

Whatever the size of your construction project, you need a partner with whom you can realise your chosen project securely and reliably. This partner should provide active support to you in all the phases of the project.

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Place your trust in the Pöttinger Real Estate Group. The Munich-based company with a long tradition can offer you all the services you need from a single source: from land purchase and the careful planning of flats and houses to turnkey construction and subsequent management and operation of your real estate investment.