Pöttinger Real Estate Group Munich
Pöttinger Real Estate Group Munich
Pöttinger Real Estate Group Munich

Pöttinger Real Estate Group in Munich – Tradition for more than 80 years

The Munich-based company of long tradition has operated successfully in all fields of the real estate sector. The three major branches – Pöttinger Bauunternehmung, Pöttinger Wohn- und Industriebau and Pöttinger Verwaltung – stand for meticulous planning, careful implementation and reliable property management. In its early days, the company was focused on real estate in Munich. Meanwhile it has continuously enlarged its footprint and diversified its range of services.

Domiciled in the Bavarian metropolis of Munich for more than 80 years, the company has nevertheless retained a local focus and regularly plans and implements new real estate projects in Munich.

The Pöttinger Real Estate Group – perfectly prepared to meet the challenges of the current real estate market.

Condominiums in Munich Berg am Laim

We are currently building five modern apartment blocks for you with a total of 69 freehold flats and an underground car park with 69 parking spaces in the Munich borough of Berg am Laim. The size of the freehold flats varies from approx. 33 m² to approx. 126 m².

References of the Pöttinger Real Estate Group

Every construction project needs an experienced partner. Pöttinger Construction is your reliable and competent service partner for the turnkey construction of commercial buildings, hotels and residential real estate.

The history of the Munich-based Real Estate Group

It needs the driving force of a visionary to establish a family-owned business. Pöttinger is such a business, born from the passion of Sebastian Pöttinger.